Music Therapy for Children with Special Needs – Is it Working?

music therapy

Music makes us all happy, but can music really help children with special needs? And how music can change their lives?

According to one article of vitality medical, music has a lot of impact on those who hear it. And there are a variety of people with special needs could be changed by music therapy. Burt Cancaster, the author of the article said,” Music has served as a healing method for physical illnesses for generations. Music has the ability to neutralize negative feelings and enhance the body’s natural stress tolerance level. Some therapists have specific training and expertise to help people with music. People of all ages are candidates for music therapy. Children suffering from a variety of medical illnesses or issues can receive important benefits when a treatment program includes music therapy. “

Both musical and educational music helps these children to develop their speech and communication skills, motor skills, positive motivation, and social interaction and their cognitive development. You can make a connection thru music non verbally. This therapy includes listening to music, create music and playing various instruments with different rhythms and sounds. Those activities help the children to relax their muscles, feel less anxiety and express their feelings. According to Master in Special Education, there are a lot of types of special needs and disabilities in which music has been proven to be helpful. These include autism, cerebral palsy, childhood apraxia of speech, learning disabilities and asthma.

Have you tried this? What is your experience in sending your child to this kind of special schools? Share your experience to us! Comment down below.

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